The Complete Works

Here is a full archive of my published feature writing in video games journalism, divided by year for ease. Since I have written approximately 2000+ news articles in my career, I have opted out of including them here bar a few original reports.


Deadly Premonition 2’s PC Port Is One Of The Worst I’ve Ever Seen // GameByte (published June 16th, 2022)

Interview: Sniper Elite 5 Learned A Lot From Zombie Army 4 // GameByte (published May 27th, 2022)

Sniper Elite 5 Review [PC] | Under The Scope // GameByte (published May 25th, 2022)

Evil Dead: The Game [PC] Review | Hail To The King, Baby // GameByte (published May 20th, 2022)

Fallen Order Devs Wanted A Black Woman To Star, But Were Told ‘No’ // GameByte (published May 11th, 2022)

Interview: Actress Maggie Robertson On Playing Lady Dimitrescu // GameByte (published May 5th, 2022)

Interview: Skábma Devs Talk Authentic Representation Of Indigenous Cultures // GameByte (published Apr. 20th, 2022)

The Best PS1 Games Of All Time // GameByte (published Apr. 13th, 2022)

Spellbound: The Magic Within Developer Interview // GameByte (published Apr. 8th, 2022)

Top 10 PS1 Hagrid Memes We All Relate To // GameByte (published Apr. 5th, 2022)

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review [Xbox Series X/S] | Brickin’ Sweet // GameByte (published Apr. 4th, 2022)

Abermore Review [PC] | Small Time // GameByte (published Mar. 29th, 2022)

10 Best Elden Ring Memes That We Can All Relate To // GameByte (published Mar. 28th, 2022)

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Review [PC] | Boarderlands // GameByte (published Mar. 23rd, 2022)

Happy 10th Birthday To One Of The Worst Video Game Remasters Ever // GameByte (published Mar. 21st, 2022)

Ghostwire: Tokyo Preview [PS5] | Unchained Melody // GameByte (published Mar. 14th, 2022)

FAR Changing Tides Review [PC] | Float Your Boat // GameByte (published Mar. 1st, 2022)

Martha Is Dead Impressions // GameByte (published Feb. 24th, 2022)

Elden Ring Review [PC] | Tick Tick Rune // GameByte (published Feb. 23rd, 2022)

The Best Dating Sim Games To Play Right Now // GameByte (published Feb. 14th, 2022)

Sifu Review [PS5] | Time Of Your Life? // GameByte (published Feb. 6th, 2022)

OlliOlli World Review [PC] | Heaven Is A Halfpipe // GameByte (published Feb. 3rd, 2022)

Every Hitman Game, Ranked From Worst To Best // GameByte (published Jan. 20th, 2022)

The Best VR Games To Play Right Now // GameByte (published Jan. 19th, 2022)

OlliOlli World Preview | It’s So Rad // GameByte (published Jan. 18th, 2022)

Hitman 3 Year 2: Everything Coming To The Game In 2022 // GameByte (published Jan. 13th, 2022)

God Of War Review [PC] | Oh Boy! // GameByte (published Jan. 12th, 2022)

Coronavirus Email From UK Government Opens Plague Inc On Phones // GameByte (published Jan. 11th, 2022)

The Best Action Games To Play Right Now // GameByte (published Jan. 10th, 2022)

Xbox Game Pass List: All Titles Available On Console, PC And Cloud // GameByte (published Jan. 7th, 2022)

Check Out This Cool LEGO PS5 And Xbox Series X // GameByte (published Jan. 7th, 2022)

The Best Battle Royale Games To Play Right Now // GameByte (published Jan. 6th, 2022)

The Best Platformer Games To Play Right Now // GameByte (published Jan. 5th, 2022)


Is ‘Unpacking’ The Cosiest Game Of The Year? // GameByte (published Dec. 22nd, 2021)

Scarf Review [PC] | Warm Winter Goodness // GameByte (published Dec. 20th, 2021)

One Year On, Dontnod Speaks About ‘Twin Mirror’ Reception // GameByte (published Dec. 16th, 2021)

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Year 2: Everything Coming To The Game In 2022 // GameByte (published Dec. 13th, 2021)

Every Main Resident Evil Game Ranked Worst To Best // GameByte (published Dec. 3rd, 2021)

Tails Of Iron Developers Only Get A Pay Bonus If The Game Reviews Well // GameByte (published Nov. 26th, 2021)

Exo One Review [PC] | A Surreal Adventure // GameByte (published Nov. 17th, 2021)

Elden Ring Preview | Bigger, Better, Badder // GameByte (published Nov. 16th, 2021)

Games Publisher Asked Streamer To ‘Send Nudes’ In Exchange For Access // GameByte (published Nov. 8th, 2021)

Oh No, The ‘Deer & Boy’ Trailer Is Definitely Making Me Cry // GameByte (published Nov. 4th, 2021)

Forza Horizon 5 Review [Xbox Series X|S] | Braking Bad // GameByte (published Nov. 4th, 2021)

Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Review [Nintendo Switch] | Unfocused & Unenjoyable // GameByte (published Oct. 27th, 2021)

Age of Empires 4 Review [PC] | Back To The Classics // GameByte (published Oct. 25th, 2021)

Payday 2 Devs Reflect On Microtransactions Controversy // GameByte (published Oct. 21st, 2021)

Moving House Made Me Appreciate DRM-Free Gaming // GameByte (published Oct. 19th, 2021)

Alan Wake Remastered Collectibles Guide: Every Manuscript Pages Location // GameByte (published Oct. 5th, 2021)

Alan Wake Remastered Collectibles Guide: Every Coffee Thermos Location // GameByte (published Oct. 5th, 2021)

Alan Wake Remastered Review [Xbox Series X|S] | Alan’s Back, Baby // GameByte (published Oct. 4th, 2021)

6 Games That Are Perfect To Play In Autumn // GameByte (published Sep. 30th, 2021)

Rainbow Six Writers On Trans Character Osa: ‘She’s A Reflection Of Us’ // GameByte (published Sep. 28th, 2021)

‘Silent Hill 2’ At 20: A Horror Masterpiece // GameByte (published Sep. 24th, 2021)

‘Ico’ At 20: Quietly Beautiful Adventure // GameByte (published Sep. 24th, 2021)

Horror Actress Barbara Crampton And Developer Simon MacKenzie Talk Back 4 Blood // GameByte (published Sep. 15th, 2021)

Deathloop Review [PC] | Creative Murder Expression // GameByte (published Sep. 13th, 2021)

How Long Does It Take To Finish Life Is Strange: True Colors? // GameByte (published Sep. 9th, 2021)

Call Of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Preview | All Too Familiar // GameByte (published Sep. 7th, 2021)

Far Cry 6 Preview | Open World Carnage // GameByte (published Aug. 31st, 2021)

Xbox Series S review // New Game+ (published Aug. 30th, 2021)

Life Is Strange Recap: What To Know Before True Colors // GameByte (published Aug. 27th, 2021)

I Got Way Too Emotional At This Game About A Painter // GameByte (published Aug. 25th, 2021)

What Are The Best Uncharted Games? // GameByte (published Aug. 18th, 2021)

Back 4 Blood Vs Left 4 Dead – What Are The Main Differences? // GameByte (published Aug. 13th, 2021)

Hades Review (Xbox Series X|S): “Supergiant Goes All Out” // GameByte (published Aug. 10th, 2021)

No Longer Home Is A Magic Realism Story About Letting Go // GameByte (published Aug. 6th, 2021)

Back 4 Blood Developer Interview | “Evolve Taught Us A Lot” // GameByte (published Aug. 5th, 2021)

Everything Announced At The Annapurna Showcase // GameByte (published Jul. 30th, 2021)

Hell Let Loose review // New Game+ (published Jul. 28th, 2021)

Everything You Need To Know About The Steam Deck // GameByte (published Jul. 16th, 2021)

Why Lara Croft needs to be aged up for the next Tomb Raider // New Game+ (published Jul. 12th, 2021)

Anda Seat Dark Demon Gaming Chair Review // Pocket Gamer (published Jun. 28th, 2021)

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure review // New Game+ (published Jun. 9th, 2021)

Overboard! review // New Game+ (published Jun. 4th, 2021)

Mind Scanners review // New Game+ (published May 18th, 2021)

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End review // New Game+ (published May 11th, 2021)

Dorfromantik Early Access review // New Game+ (published Apr. 27th, 2021)

Ashwalkers review // New Game+ (published Apr. 15th, 2021)

Mundaun review // New Game+ (published Mar. 24th, 2021)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion review // New Game+ (published Mar. 20th, 2021)

Call of Duty: Warzone is my favourite horror game of the last year // New Game+ (published Mar. 10th, 2021)

Littlewood review // New Game+ (published Mar. 1st, 2021)

Hitman 3 review // New Game+ (published Jan. 28th, 2021)

Hitman: The Best Kills In IO's Lethal Franchise // Gfinity (published Jan. 26th, 2021)

Why IO Interactive is perfect for Bond // New Game+ (published Jan. 26th, 2021)


Top 5 mobile games of 2020: Olly's picks of the year // Pocket Gamer (published Dec. 26th, 2020)

Unto the End review // New Game+ (published Dec. 21st, 2020)

Twin Mirror review // New Game+ (published Dec. 14th, 2020)

El Hijo review // New Game+ (published Dec. 7th, 2020)

Retro Review: Hitman Codename 47 // New Game+ (published Nov. 20th, 2020)

Bugsnax review // New Game+ (published Nov. 9th, 2020)

The Music of MediEvil: Bob & Barn interview // New Game+ (published Oct. 30th, 2020)

Pumpkin Jack review // New Game+ (published Oct. 23rd, 2020)

The Suicide of Rachel Foster review // New Game+ (published Sep. 18th, 2020)

Hotshot Racing review // New Game+ (published Sep. 9th, 2020)

The power of rhythm in No Straight Roads // New Game+ (published Aug. 25th, 2020)

Ooblets: Early Access preview // New Game+ (published Aug. 18th, 2020)

Fall Guys is the first good battle royale game // New Game+ (published Aug. 5th, 2020)

SAI review // Wireframe Magazine, issue 41 (published Aug. 2020)

Destroy All Humans remake review // New Game+ (published Jul. 27th, 2020)

How Ghost of Tsushima fails its cinematic influences // New Game+ (published Jul. 17th, 2020)

Death Stranding review // New Game+ (published Jul. 14th, 2020)

Twin Mirror preview // New Game+ (published Jul. 10th, 2020)

Superliminal review // New Game+ (published Jul. 7th, 2020)

The Last of Us review // New Game+ (published Jun. 11th, 2020)

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro review // New Game+ (published May 19th, 2020)

Alan Wake review // New Game+ (published May 11th, 2020)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review // New Game+ (published Apr. 21th, 2020)

The Longing review // New Game+ (published Apr. 10th, 2020)

Black Mesa review // New Game+ (published Mar. 9th, 2020)

Zombie Army 4: Dead War review - schlocking fun // Wireframe Magazine, issue 35 (published Mar. 2020)

Luna The Shadow Dust review // New Game+ (published Feb. 28th, 2020)

Rune Factory 4 Tips For New Players // The Indie Game Website (published Feb. 25th, 2020)

Rune Factory 4 review // The Indie Game Website (published Feb. 25th, 2020)

Filament preview // The Indie Game Website (published Feb. 11th, 2020)

Why your choices matter in Life is Strange 2 // New Game+ (published Jan. 22nd, 2020)

How Ashen reinvents the soulslike // New Game+ (published Jan. 10th, 2020)


The 10 best snow levels in video games // Den of Geek (published Dec. 11th, 2019)

SuperEpic review // The Indie Game Website (published Dec. 5th, 2019)

The Power of Personal Expression in Indie Games // The Indie Game Website (published Nov. 27th, 2019)

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature review // New Game+ (published Nov. 22nd, 2019)

Eastshade review // New Game+ (published Nov. 13th, 2019)

The ‘MediEvil’ Remake Reanimates a ’90s Treasure, Flaws and All // Bloody Disgusting (published Nov. 7th, 2019)

My favourite part of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the endgame // New Game+ (published Nov. 5th, 2019)

Little Misfortune review // Wireframe Magazine, issue 26 (published Nov. 2019)

Untitled Goose Game review // New Game+ (published Oct. 28th, 2019)

The Bradwell Conspiracy review // New Game+ (published Oct. 9th, 2019)

Woodcutters From Fiery Ships: David Lynch's cancelled video game // New Game+ (published Oct. 4th, 2019)

Gears 5 review // New Game+ (published Sep. 30th, 2019)

Deadly Premonition Origins review // New Game+ (published Sep. 27th, 2019)

Daymare: 1998 review // The Indie Game Website (published Sep. 19th, 2019)

The Existential Dread of The Stillness of the Wind // New Game+ (published Sep. 10th, 2019)

SUPERHOT review // New Game+ (published Sep. 2nd, 2019)

Blair Witch review - a fright in the woods // Wireframe Magazine, issue 23 (published Sep. 2019)

Mable & The Wood review // New Game+ (published Aug. 23rd, 2019)

The Church in the Darkness review // New Game+ (published Aug. 7th, 2019)

The Bradwell Conspiracy preview - 'Spielberg-esque' // Wireframe Magazine, issue 20 (published Aug. 2019)

Automachef review - overclocked // Wireframe Magazine, issue 19 (published Aug. 2019)

Bloodborne has really satisfying door animations // New Game+ (published Jul. 19th, 2019)

Destroy All Humans review // New Game+ (published Jul. 4th, 2019)

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice review // New Game+ (published Jun. 20th, 2019)

Forager review - quietly bewitching survival // Wireframe Magazine, issue 15 (published Jun. 2019)

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats review // New Game+ (published May 28th, 2019)

A Plague Tale: Innocence review // New Game+ (published May 21st, 2019)

Astrologaster review // New Game+ (published May 13th, 2019)

World War Z review // New Game+ (published May 6th, 2019)

The Atmospheric Bliss of Generation Zero // New Game+ (published Apr. 23rd, 2019)

Bad North review // New Game+ (published Apr. 1st, 2019)

The sense of place in Resident Evil 7's Baker Mansion // New Game+ (published Mar. 25th, 2019)

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two review // New Game+ (published Mar. 12th, 2019)

Retro Review: Resident Evil (1996) review // New Game+ (published Mar. 7th, 2019)

Anthem review // New Game+ (published Feb. 21st, 2019)

The Blackout Club preview // New Game+ (published Feb. 15th, 2019)

Red Dead Redemption 2 review // New Game+ (published Feb. 8th, 2019)

Sunless Skies review // New Game+ (published Jan. 31st, 2019)

How the Payday 2 community solved a secret // New Game+ (published Jan. 16th, 2019)

The Appeal of Simulator Games // New Game+ (published Jan. 6th, 2019)


Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden review // New Game+ (published Dec. 9th, 2018)

Hitman 2 review // New Game+ (published Nov. 18th, 2018)

The Making of MediEvil: Chris Sorrell Interview // New Game+ (published Nov. 9th, 2018)

Retro Review: MediEvil // New Game+ (published Oct. 31st, 2018)

Call of Cthulhu review // New Game+ (published Oct. 29th, 2018)

The Light Keeps Us Safe preview // New Game+ (published Oct. 17th, 2018)

Tricky Towers review // New Game+ (published Oct. 11th, 2018)

David Lynch and the American Dream // A Film Club (published Oct. 1st, 2018)

Two Point Hospital review // New Game+ (published Sep. 4th, 2018)

Ranking all 16 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps // GameGrin (published Aug. 31st, 2018)

Yakuza 0 review // New Game+ (published Aug. 27th, 2018)

Earthfall review // GameGrin (published Aug. 21st, 2018)

Ubisoft's move away from 'finite experiences' is worrying // New Game+ (published Jul. 24th, 2018)

Vandals review // GameGrin (published Jul. 8th, 2018)

Milanoir review // GameGrin (published Jun. 22nd, 2018)

State of Decay 2 review // GameGrin (published May 31st, 2018)

The Cinematography of Horror Games // New Game+ (published May 22nd, 2018)

Dishonored 2 review // New Game+ (published Mar. 30th, 2018)

Four Games that Inspired Battalion 1944 // GameGrin (published Mar. 20th, 2018)

Payday 2 Switch review // New Game+ (published Mar. 13th, 2018)

Theme Hospital review // New Game+ (published Feb. 26th, 2018)

Black Mirror review // GameGrin (published Feb. 13th, 2018)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown review // New Game+ (published Jan. 30th, 2018)

The case for offline bots // New Game+ (published Jan. 19th, 2018)

The Shrouded Isle review // GameGrin (published Jan. 15th, 2018)


Darkwood review // GameGrin (published Dec. 15th, 2017)

Cat Quest review // GameGrin (published Dec. 6th, 2017)

Serial Cleaner review // New Game+ (published Nov. 30th, 2017)

Medieval Kingdom Wars preview // GameGrin (published Nov. 16th, 2017)

The first Assassin's Creed is the best // New Game+ (published Nov. 13th, 2017)

RAID: World War II review // GameGrin (published Oct. 16th, 2017)

The Search review // GameGrin (published Oct. 4th, 2017)

Crimson Earth review // GameGrin (published Sep. 16th, 2017)

Lydia review // GameGrin (published Aug. 26th, 2017)

RAID: World War II preview // GameGrin (published May 29th, 2017)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe review // GameGrin (published May 9th, 2017)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review // Brash Games (published Mar. 12th, 2017)

Hitman: The Complete First Season review // New Game+ (published Jan. 31st, 2017)

Castles review // Brash Games (published Jan. 7th, 2017)


New York Taxi Simulator review // Brash Games (published Dec. 16th, 2016)

Hitman Absolution was alright, actually // New Game+ (published Nov. 20th, 2016)

Killing Floor 2 review // Brash Games (published Nov. 18th, 2016)

Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido review // Brash Games (published Nov. 2nd, 2016)

World's Dawn review // Brash Games (published Oct. 29th, 2016)

DEAD RISING review // Brash Games (published Oct. 17th, 2016)

The portrayal of mental illness in Heavy Rain // New Game+ (published May 18th, 2016)

Fallout 4: Why the dialogue system sucks // New Game+ (published Mar. 9th, 2016)