Review Policy

Olly Writes is managed by a single person, and thus it is impossible for me to cover every single notable game release. I write reviews based partly on my own interests but also adhering to what I think may interest readers. 

All reviews published on Olly Writes are posted as my own opinion. I believe in fairness and honesty when it comes to reviewing products, and I will not post good reviews of a product in exchange for payment.

Some reviews may feature games provided for by a developer, publisher or PR company. There will be a disclosure on each article when this is applicable and this will not affect my final opinion of the game in any capacity.

Games that are reviewed in their retail or 'full release' form will be titled as 'Reviews', and if I write about a game that is in alpha or beta stages, such articles will be tagged as 'Previews'.

I do not currently utilise a scoring system on Olly Writes. I feel that the writing should speak for itself rather than be determined by a number. My opinion on this could change in the future, in which case I will begin scoring reviews appropriately.

This Review Policy was last updated on 12/10/2018.

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