Creative Portfolio

I have been writing professionally since 2013, and have done it as a full-time career since 2016. I started in fiction before making a pivot into entertainment journalism, writing articles about film, games, music and sport for various different outlets. My bylines include GameByte, Wireframe, Gfinity, Pocket Gamer, Bloody Disgusting and Den of Geek. My experience with different content formats include news, reviews, features, interviews, guides and lists.

After five years as a full-time freelance journalist, I joined Social Chain Media in 2021 as the Senior Editor of GameByte and FragHero, leading a team of writers to grow the brands and monetise our digital spaces. Some of my team's proudest achievements include growing GameByte’s traffic by 57% (YoY 2021-2022), collaborating on a rebrand of FragHero which increased website traffic by 70%, and pioneering an SEO strategy that led to the creation of GameByte's first ever guides team, headed up by a Guides Writer who was able to take these successes further.

It was these achievements that then led to my promotion to Editorial Coordinator, overseeing Social Chain’s sports and lifestyle brands in addition to its gaming ones. 


My experience in news reporting began in 2017 when I started writing news articles for websites such as GameGrin and GameSkinny. In 2020, I began a full-time freelance position writing news for Pocket Gamer, and some of its sister sites. During my time at Steel Media, I wrote over 1,100 news articles that reached millions. 

When I joined Social Chain as the editor of GameByte in 2021, part of my responsibilities included leading a small news team of freelancers producing breaking and trending news, identifying which stories were worth covering and which could be converted into videos or news images.

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guides + SEO

I built up my SEO skills from running my own website, New Game+, between 2016 and 2021. When I became GameByte's editor in 2021, I identified many weaknesses in the website's SEO strategy. After weeks of planning, we launched the GameByte Guides Team in November 2021, doing a two-week case study of guides centred around new releases (Call of Duty: Vanguard, Halo Infinite, and Skyrim Anniversary Edition). 

These guides proved successful, increasing organic search website traffic by +232%, which later led to the creation of the brand new Guides Writer role who was able to take the strategy further throughout 2022. The primary content formats for GameByte's SEO strategy included video game guides, tech guides, listicles and evergreen pieces based around trending keyphrases on Google Trends and potential traffic sources spotted by AHREFs and Semrush.

The following writing samples have each been featured on the front page of Google.

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