Client Work

Between 2021-2022, I participated in creative work for different clients that worked with Social Chain Media on various commercial campaigns. The type of work I was involved with was primarily gaming content, for both endemic or non-endemic clients. 

Social Chain's commercial campaigns included specifically designed strategies to be carried out across its own brand social media profiles and digital websites, in order to achieve desired results such as increased brand awareness, increased sales, and improved communication within a specific market.

Information on different campaigns I worked on, including my total contributions and results, are listed below.

Wizards of the coast

Dungeons and Dragons Full Funnel Campaign

Our goal was to dispel the myth that Dungeons & Dragons is difficult to play, by creating sponsored content that demonstrated the accessibility of the game. The approach was to offer audiences a broader understanding of the game by taking them through two introductory adventures - one with a professional Dungeon Master. 

We created two pieces of entertaining video content [LINK] and [LINK], translated for French and German markets, introducing new players to the game with easy to follow instructions and tips on what products to purchase. In addition to the social content we also stocked all the D&D products on our shop for audiences to purchase directly. For this campaign I supported ideation, talent acquisition and assisted with production on the days of the shoots. This was a team project collaborated with Vicky Wainwright, Brett Claxton, Sara Heritage, Joshua Boyles, Keller Cannon, Louise Bromilow and Rich White.

Results: 6.8 million impressions, 1.6 million engagements, 40.47% view through rate


GameByte x Logitech G Challenge

The goal was to provide a phased approach of content to raise awareness of the Logitech G Challenge Finals, including warm up content, event coverage and post-event promotion. First, we kicked off with some epic hype videos to drive awareness in the week building up to the finals. Across the final weekend (second phase) of the Logitech G Challenge, GameByte worked with the production team to capture exciting footage from the race. Following the event, GameByte released a hero video that showcased all the best moments from the finals weekend. [LINK]

I supported this campaign in ideation sessions as well as content creation for sponsored copy on [LINK]. Following this campaign, we retained the account on the agency side of the business as a new client. This was a team project collaborated with Vicky Wainwright, Brett Claxton, Sara Heritage, Joshua Boyles and Rich White.

Results: 1,246,930 total impressions, 370,907 total video views

THQ Nordic

Destroy All Humans "Gaming with Grandma" Campaign

For this campaign, we aimed to create engaging hero content that would successfully capture and engage our GameByte audience. We produced an original video titled "Playing Destroy All Humans with Grandma". The idea for the video was to bring in two actors to portray a grandmother/grandchild relationship as they play through Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed together, bringing humour through their interactions contrasted with the violent acts committed in-game. For this project, I supported ideation, talent acquisition and production on the day of the shoot. [LINK] This was a team project collaborated with CJ Fawn, Giggs Lee, Catriona Dick, Vicky Wainwright, Brett Claxton, Sara Heritage, Rich White and Adrienne Whitworth.

Results: 2.6 million impressions (3% above forecast), 600k views (9% above forecast)

Destroy All Humans Guides Campaign

A brand new commercial package that had never been done in gaming media before. The plan was to produce 20 editorial guides for Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed based on specific SEO keyphrases, utilising a smaller game launch to amplify clicks to the website and awareness of the game. The results showcased that not only was the content engaging and successful at driving traffic to the guides, but also that the guides were actively being used by players. This was a team project collaborated with Christian Wait, Brett Claxton and Ben Williams.

Results: 45k clicks (312% above forecast)

British Red Cross

'Game Jam for Good' Campaign

GameByte partnered with British Red Cross to host the first ever ‘Game Jam For Good’. Think your traditional Game Jam but with a climate disaster fundraiser at the centre. We asked entrants to submit their games whilst also fundraising. The Game Jam was hosted on, and a shortlist of 5 was featured on the GameByte website, with the campaign culminating in a one-hour live event. [LINK]

For this campaign, I supported ideation, content creation, and assisted with production on the day of the shoot. This was a team project collaborated with CJ Fawn, Giggs Lee, Vicky Wainwright, Brett Claxton, Sara Heritage, and Rich White.

Results: 5.1 million impressions, 800,000 video views, 5.7k website clicks