Game of Thrones "Home" Review

This post includes spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2, "Home".

You'll have to pardon me for this review as I am very hungover from attending a music festival yesterday. In this episode, we got to see what shit's been going down in King's Landing following Myrcella and Trystane's murders, as well as catching up with old friends Bran, and the Greyjoys. The whole episode was filled with some big shocks, especially only for a second episode. Again, I shall split up my review by focusing on each location/storyline.

Damn Ramsay, you're fucked up.
The North

Ramsay and Roose speak about the whereabouts of Sansa Stark as well as possible heirs to Winterfell. Ramsay suggests going to the wall to kill Lord Commander Snow (who's death is apparently unknown to the rest of the world), but Roose dismisses this idea as the musings of a "mad dog". But then Roose is informed that he has a son, a newborn heir to his legacy. We'd been getting hints about Ramsay's actions should the child be a boy in the previous episode, but here we suddenly see just how far he'd go to become Lord of Winterfell, by killing his father and then feeding his stepmother and baby brother to the dogs. I guess we'll never get to see if the Bolt-On theory is true or not!

I think Ramsay was comfortable enough leaving his father around because he was the only heir, but now when the prospect of losing all that comes into view, he panics, snaps and kills anyone who threatens that. We all knew Ramsay was insane, but this marks a new layer of insanity for him. I feel like this might come back to bite him on the arse though. Walder Frey didn't like Robb ditching his daughter for marriage, so how is he going to feel about another daughter being murdered in her own home? Roose was the Tywin Lannister of the North - he was the glue holding it all together. I predict that a lot of shit is going to kick off in the next few episodes.

Also, the way he killed Roose was strangely poetic. Roose killed Robb Stark in S3E9 in the exact same way.

King's Landing

Lena Headey was born to play Cersei. I say this every season. Though we're two episodes in and I think she's nailed every scene she's in. She plays a perfect half-and-half role between "ruthless queen" and "protective mother". When Tommen goes to see her and tells her he wants to be stronger, her maternal side comes out once again. Her children are her biggest weakness which will probably lead to the downfall of the Lannisters. I liked Tommen because he seemed to be the most "normal" Lannister, but I'm now genuinely worried for him that he's going to be Joffrey 2.0.


I let out a little squeal when I saw Pyke in the opening credits. The Greyjoys have had a troublesome past with the show. There was a cringeworthy "shirtless Ramsay" subplot during Season 4. They got shafted in favour of Dorne in Season 5, which was a horrible decision.

Melisandre's "Three Kings, Three Deaths" prediction has finally come true, and now we've got an exciting new storyline involving the new leader of the Iron Islands. The Kingsmoot was one of my favourite parts of the book so I'm hoping they deliver it justice in the show. Theon returning to Pyke also makes me think he's going to replace Victarion.


Sexy Jesus paid Arya No-one a visit and it looks like her journey to become a Faceless Man is finally progressing. It will be interesting to see how the show handles No-one if Maisie Williams will be playing the character sort-of 'part-time'.

Tyrion has big fucking balls for approaching the dragons like that. Maybe that's why he's so small, because they weigh him down. Like two large grapes. That scene in the dungeon was pretty terrifying, and while I was sure that he wouldn't get eaten or cooked, I still felt very tense and worried for him. There's a link between the dragons and Tyrion, and I think the show has been hinting at this ever since the first season. He's the first person that isn't one of Dany's people to approach the dragons unarmed. His weapon of choice is words. It makes perfect sense that they wouldn't kill him for that.

The Wall and Beyond

I'm glad we got to see Bran again. After being absent in Season 5, it was nice to catch up with him and see what he's up to. It seems that he has the power to look into the past (maybe also the future?). This will allow the show to explore periods of the show's history that has only been talked about before. We may get to see more of Robert's Rebellion, or perhaps the Greyjoy Rebellion that saw most of the Seven Kingdom's band together to put Balon in his place.

The highlight of the episode was of course the goings-on at the Wall. The big twist arguably overshadowed the rest of the episode. Firstly, I'm glad they resolved the traitors running free. It was funny to see Wun-Wun smash that guy against the gate and throw his lifeless corpse in front of Ser Alliser. 

And finally, Jon is back. I mean, he'd never really left us (when wargs die, they inhabit the body of their creature. So Jon was in Ghost this whole time). From last week's final scene, we were aware that Melisandre's faith in the Lord of Light was at its lowest point. Perhaps in light of the resurrection, we shall see her slowly begin to grow stronger again (does this mean the Mannis could come back?!).


A much more interesting episode than last week's opener. I predict the Pyke drama will be a big focus for the rest of the season; which is good, because I love the Greyjoys. One thing I can't wait to see is Ramsay vs Jon for control. 

Two Bastards. One North. It is on.

Overall I'd give this episode 8/10.

In Memoriam

King Balon Greyjoy
(The) Roose (is loose) Bolton
Fat Walda Frey
Bolton baby
Cock-boy from King's Landing
Night's-Watch-smashed-against-wall guy

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