Game of Thrones "The Red Woman" Review

This post includes spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1, "The Red Woman".

Hooray, it's back! Everyone's favourite War-of-the-Roses-but-with-dragons-and-zombies simulator has returned to our small screens for a sixth season. In this episode, the Nights Watch is caught in the middle of impending mutiny following the death of Lord Commander Snow. Jaime returns home from Dorne with some harrowing news for Cersei, and Daenerys gets herself into a pickle. For these weekly reviews, I'm going to looking on each plotline separately before doing a summary at the end.

The Wall

Probably the most anticipated part of the show's return for most fans. The fate of Jon Snow was something people were eagerly anticipating to find out. Seeing the brothers of the Nights Watch erupt into chaos was exciting, it leaves you with this sort of "where the hell is this going?" feeling. I also admired Davos a bit more in these scenes; he acted like a father figure to the other watchmen was a nice touch.

Melisandre's reveal was awesome, showing that there's more to her than we think we know. I mean, we know of her magic and shadow babies and shit, but this was crazy. It confirms pretty much all of our suspicions about her being this frail, old witch. It was kind of hinted at in her chapter in A Dance with Dragons, but we never really got to see it on this scope. Though, it is a little confusing. If that necklace masks her real identity, then how do you explain this?

Still, I think this storyline could go in any number of directions and I'm excited to see what will happen.

The North

Fucking great scene with Ramsay talking about Myranda. He starts off with this sweet speech about their history together, and then he ends with: "It's good meat, feed it to the dogs."

I was a little skeptical about the fight scene in the woods. Brienne took out four Bolton soldiers, Pod & Theon both did in one each. I think the editing of this episode made that scene a little weird. Also, what the hell happened to the hounds?

King's Landing

I know their relationship is all kinds of fucked up, but I really feel for Jaime and Cersei. I think I just have a lot of fun watching them hate the rest of the world. Jaime's redemption arc back in Season 3 really set him up as one of my favourite characters. I'd like to see what they decide to do in the wake of Myrcella's death.

Margaery in prison was weird to see. I think we're so used to seeing her glammed up as a queen that when we see her filthy and weak we feel really sorry for her. She played the game of thrones quite well for the past few seasons, but unfortunately she isn't as good at it as she thought. Olenna wouldn't be proud.


Just what the fuck was the point in all this? So, Season 5 already had some pretty cringeworthy writing and acting with the Dorne scenes. The Sand Snakes are not good actors, and the plot just made no sense whatsoever. Areo Hotah was a big dude killed by Tyene fucking Sand who has this tiny-ass blade. Jeor Mormont was stabbed in the chest and still managed to grab a guy and pull him into the air.

Ugh, why the hell did Doran have to die? Ellaria's reasoning is that she thinks he is weak for not rebelling against the rest of the Kingdom for the murder of Oberyn. Uh, Ellaria? Have you seen how powerful the military of King's Landing is? Dorne would never stand a chance. Oh yeah and just kill all the heirs while you're at it. There's no Quentyn or Arianne in the show so it looks like the Martell bloodline is gone. She's obviously never played the Westeros CKII mod as Dorne trying to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. It's difficult.

And if they already had Doran's guard on their side, why not just kill everyone on the docks at the end of last season? They could have taken out everyone there, PLUS Jaime too. I'm convinced D&D are terrible writers. They got lucky up till about Season 5 because they had great source material to work with, but now that we're beyond the books it's just awful. I wish George would finish the books so I could start reading some good Westeros material.


Nothing too important going on with Arya. This scene didn't really tell us much other than "she's blind and on the streets, but is still being trained by the Faceless Men." It was nice to see Varys again - I missed that guy. The scenes between Tyrion and Varys are some of the best in the whole show. Having the ships being burned was just another blatant reminder for "guys, she's not going to Westeros this season."

Another great pair is Jorah and Daario. While I miss Barristan the Bold (another sin by D&D I might add), I genuinely like these guys and want to see more of their banter. Daenerys with the Khalasar sets up interesting plot. I want to see what will happen if Jorah and Daario catch up with them. Though at this point, I find the Dany storyline to be a little stale and just wish there would be more development. We shall see.


A good opener, despite some major flaws. This episode mostly serves as a way of catching up with each character. It was also kind of short, it only ran for roughly 46:30 when you take out the intro and end titles, compared to the 50-55 minutes it usually runs. And despite the shortened time, there was no sign of characters like Bran, Sam or Littlefinger. Next week's episode should have some good plot development.

Overall I'd give this episode a 6/10.

In Memoriam

Areo Hotah
Doran Martell
Maester Caleotte
Trystane Martell
Bolton horse guys

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