Birthday Shenanigans

This post is quite overdue. Last month, it was my 21st birthday. 21! Can you believe it? Going out, staying in - the whole lot. Pizzas were eaten and alcoholic beverages consumed with my favourite people. It was a really awesome time. I managed to go to some cool restaurants, such as Hickory's and Zizzi's. I have lots of love and respect for my friends and family for helping me welcome my adult life in style.

I came home from uni last week for a break, and just as things were calming down a bit, a family party was thrown in my honour. Exciting! I even managed to get some Lazy Jack's Cider in, which is notoriously hard to acquire. One particular highlight was the cake. A nice lady called Mandy runs a small business cake shop in my village, and she came up with this masterpiece: a The Lord of the Rings themed, complete with Gandalf and the One Ring itself. Take a look:

Thank you, Mandy!

I certainly feel a lot older now that I've allowed it to sink in. For the past few years, it always felt like I was simulating adulthood rather than living it; my fashion, hobbies and general composure certainly had me feeling that, but now I'm at an age where I can comfortably feel like one. I can't wait to finish university and finally take on the world.

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