Quickie: Simon Viklund - ORBOT Review

Happy new year! I usually avoid doing music reviews because I'm terrible at them, but after buying ORBOT, I felt compelled to do something about that. Simon Viklund is a Swedish composer for mainly video games, but he recently quit his job at Starbreeze/Overkill to go freelance and also work on his EP. His music is usually electronic, house, and "blip bop" (whatever that means). For the tracks themselves, they flow so well. A big problem with a lot of electronic music is that some can begin to sound very repetitive, especially for longer tracks. Viklund keeps his tracks to a length of 2-3 minutes, allowing a lot of freedom to experiment with the tracks in a way that he wishes. My favourite track is "Guru 4x4".

If you look at Viklund's YouTube page, you will notice that the ORBOT tracks have existed for at least five years. Working for Starbreeze/Overkill and on the Payday games must have caused him to put it on hold. I'm glad he finally managed to find the time to release these. There's an immense amount of pressure (but also relief) on working on a project for so long and to finally release it. ORBOT is just the beginning of something wonderful.

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