Open Mic Night Thoughts

Last night Jade and I went to a creative writing open mic night. It's a quarterly event organised between the university tutors and some of the students. The mic is open for anyone who wishes to read out a piece of poetry, short story, drama, or any kind of creative musing or limerick they wish to. Despite attending the university for almost three years, we had never been to one so we felt now was the best time to go!

I never realised just how talented some of the people surrounding me were. Of all the work that was read out, there was not a single piece that didn't impress or move me. There were poems read about relationships, youth, and nature. Many serious, and many comical. I particularly liked a powerful poem by one girl who wrote about sexism through her ages of adolescence.

And of course there was a lot of drinking to be had, and as the evening went on, the environment became more chilled and people had a bit of a laugh between each reading. The comical poems became funnier and the sad poems became sadder. By the end of the night, I felt like I had learned so much about these people. One of the Literature tutors in particular was having a good time, exchanging banter with everyone and reading out some very graphic and explicit pieces of work usually involving vaginas.

I feel bad for not contributing anything for this one, but I will a conscious effort to prepare something for next time.

As the evening ended, we all left for the SU (karaoke night!) to drink some more. After the evening I've had I will say I am really proud to be a student of English and Creative Writing at Chester. The amount of talent that was celebrated that night is one that won't be forgotten, and I hope all my friends and colleagues find the success they deserve.

Photo Credit: Larissa Aziz
A massive thank you to Larissa and Eddie for organising and hosting a wonderful evening.

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