Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas once again! Every December, the family gets together to celebrate the birth of Jesus or something. I dunno, I'm more interested in drinking, eating and presents to be honest. There's nothing better than drinking a crate of Rekorderlig and playing video games until 3am in the morning. The festivities tend to go on for the whole month; within the first few days of the month you find yourself listening to Santa Claus songs or watching movies about a home invasion during the holidays.

Next comes the decoration. Colourful tinsel is taped to the furniture, a garland hung on the door. A gigantic shiny tree is erected in the middle of your living room, causing your mother to panic about where to move the sofa during this season. And good luck walking barefoot near it, because all the pine needles that gather on the floor will cause you more pain than stepping on a pile of Lego (well, maybe not more, but it hurts!).

Several days before the big day, people you know begin to have the next week(s) off from work or school. Suddenly, your life becomes populated by strange individuals that you only interact with once or twice a year. One afternoon your mother comes home from Tesco with half a dozen bags of food, and stores it all in the fridge. But good luck eating any of it, because apparently "you can't have that, it's for Christmas".

The day arrives. Your family are all busy preparing food, while you're sat in your pyjamas watching Jingle All The Way on tele. Presents are exchanged, and your grandparents get you another can of that fancy deodorant you like. They reuse the same old joke from last year; "Take the hint, ey just kidding" they say sarcastically. Okay Eileen, but you've been making that same joke for 8 years!

Christmas dinner. Oh, how you entertain yourself with gluttony! Your family fight over the Christmas crackers and tell the same old stupid jokes you get from them. If you've got this far without any fights, congratulations! You win Christmas (I was told off by my dear mother for offering some brussels sprouts to the other diners). If you survived this year, then don't forget to thank Santa before bed.

And thus ends another magical Christmas. It has been splendid to spend the occasion with family and friends. At the uni house, we did the whole stuff; dinner, Secret Santa, and going out to see the Christmas lights turn on in town. For my final year of university, it has been amazing to spend Christmas with such admirable folk. It won't be long until I'm back in classes and getting my head stuck into work once again.

I hope everyone reading this has had a very merry Christmas.

Also remember that if you or someone you know has been struggling today, the Samaritans are available on 116 123. Have a good Christmas, guys.

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