What am I up to?

November is a strange month. Halloween has just gone, so no spoopy events. It's still a bit early for Christmas (don't believe the lies that Sainsburys tells you), and Guy Fawkes Night isn't as exciting when Old Man Mode activates and you find yourself complaining about fireworks in your underpants while trying to watch The Chase. So, what is November good for?

Well, the best video games get released I guess. I'm having a lot of fun with Fallout 4, and I hear the new Star Wars Battlefront game has shaped up quite nicely.

My brief review of Fallout 4 would be; love the exploration and amount side quests, hate the one-sidedness of such quests (barely any evil options), love the companions and characters, hate the dialogue wheel (what an awful thing to put in a Fallout game). I actually didn't buy this game, I got it gifted courtesy of a very generous friend (Thanks Insano).

So, how about university? The final year has set in, and my preparation for deadlines is well under way. I've already finished an assignment that's due in for next month, a radical departure from a bad habit I fell into last year where I would leave each piece of work until about a week before the deadline. Hopefully, I can keep this up throughout the year and not feel rushed at all. I'm quite happy with university life at the moment; my housemates are the best people ever and I've kept a cool head considering the workload.

My dissertation, the writing project, is also progressing. At this point of writing, I'm past the idea conception phase and just getting into the bulk of writing. The May deadline requires 8,000 words of original fiction. I've written 1,500 words. I don't want to say too much about it right now, but it's a modern Gothic work with a small cast of characters and slight science-fiction elements. Speaking of creative writing, I've also updated my online portfolio with two new pieces of work, which you can find in the sidebar or by clicking here.

Anyway, that's my short debrief of my whereabouts for now. Christmas will soon be upon us, and the time for joy and spending a shitload of money on people you care about. Have a good November.

P.S. My good friend Jade wrote a lovely short post about loving the way you look. Have a read of it here.

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